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International Flights Started From Istanbul Airport

International Flights Started From Istanbul Airport

International Flights Started From Istanbul Airport. International scheduled flights, which were stopped at Istanbul Airport due to coronavirus (Covid19) about 2 months ago, have been mutually restarted with some countries. Flights are carried out in the first place to Germany, Holland, England. On the other hand, the first time from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport was held in London, the capital of England, at 08.40. Within the scope of the new normalization steps, after the domestic flights started on June 1, international flights at Istanbul Airport gradually restarted to cover some countries. Turkish Airlines launched a scheduled flight to Germany's Duseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt, the UK (London) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) today. In this context, the first flight was made from Istanbul Airport to Dusseldorf city of Germany at 08.20. With the start of the flights, the passengers who bought tickets from the day before came to Istanbul Airport from the early hours of the morning. Passing in front of the thermal cameras at the security points, passengers entering the International Departure Terminal, complying with the social distance rules, made ticket and baggage procedures. After the ticketing process, passengers went through the passport and headed to the aircraft. The international flights from Istanbul Airport today are as follows:

Hour 08.20: TK-1523 Istanbul-Dusseldorf and TK-1980 Istanbul-London 
-Hours 08.25 TK-1951 Istanbul-Amsterdam 
-Hour 08.30 1587 İstanbul - Frankfurt 
-Hour 08.50 TK-1721 Istanbul- Berlin
09:00 TK 1629 - Istanbul Munich

Passengers coming from abroad had quarantine at home for 14 days.
Quarantine application was abolished for passengers coming from abroad. People will be to travel. Please Click to read other block news.

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