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Tourism in the World

Tourism in the World

COUNTRY PREPARATIONS AND PLANS FOR TOURISM: ITALY: The beaches will be allocated to the elderly in the mornings and young people in the afternoon. The 7000 km coastline is being cleaned.This is a very tiring and difficult job. The garbage on the beaches will be cleaned. All of the beach kiosks locker cabin will be redesigned and the beaches will be arranged. But nobody knows anything about the 2020 summer season. For example, will it be possible to go to the beaches alternately? The old people will go to the beach in the morning and the young people in the afternoon. Will sunbeds on the beach be booked online? Many new projects are flying in the air. But the worst is already known worldwide. Sunbathing on the beach in glass jar. Sunbathing on glassfanus on the beach. Italians know that foreign tourists from previous years will not come. They mostly focused on domestic tourism. They do not think that tourism will contribute to the country's budget this year. The country administration, which is in economic difficulties, is considering providing 300-500 € support for families in need. The Italian Hoteliers Association (Federalberghi) called on Italian tourism professionals to be flexible and in solidarity. Cancellations, additional reservation changes may drop considerably this year.

SWITZERLAND: Switzerland is returning to normalization earlier than thought and planned. Restaurants are opening from 11 May. Tables will be installed with a distance of 2 meters. The hotels were always open but 90% of them remained empty due to flight bans. With the return to normal, hotels will start their activities again. The wellness sections of the hotels have been open since the end of April. It does not seem possible to catch the old potential due to flight bans. June and July occupancy is around 25%. Due to restrictions, a maximum of 5 people can go together and play sports in Switzerland. Mountain activities are closed. It seems possible to open on June 8 at the earliest. From this date, swimming pools, cinemas, zoos will be opened and communities over 5 people will be allowed. There is no decision yet on the opening of the borders.

FRANSA: Strolling in the Port of Marseille, walking along the Seine River or eating mussels in Bretagne. 85 million tourists prefer France every year. Paris, the Atlantic coast or the Mediterranean coast are the most visited places in world tourism. But even the French do not know if they can go here right now. All beaches are closed until 1 June. The opening of the world-famous restaurants and cafes will be announced at the end of May. Due to the corona in Paris and its immediate surroundings, 25,400 restaurants were closed. Although gradual normalization is considered on May 11, restrictions within the country will continue to affect life. The French cannot go 100 km from their homes. That's why visiting the nearest park is a great luxury for the French today.

TURKEY: Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, "new normalization" was mentioned in. Covidien-19 outbreak of Turkey's economy. In particular, it has significantly affected tourism revenues, which are the most important source of income. Against this, it was decided to apply certification against coronaviruse in hotels quickly and rationally. Restaurant and all tables and sunbeds on the beach will be placed at wide and more spacious distances. Cameras that measure people's fire will be installed at the hotel entrances. The carpets and wallpapers in the rooms will be removed against the virus danger. After each stay, the rooms will be ventilated and sterilized with ultraviolet. In addition, special pandemic training and disinfectant techniques will be taught to the staff. All food in buffets will be packaged and presented. All these will be measured with an evaluation scale and reported to the industry.

DENMARK: Denmark closed its borders to everyone who was not Danish on 14 March. Denmark is expected to open the Schleswig-Holstein border on May 15. This is an important development, at least for opening the border to Germany. All other borders are already closed. However, the debate on relaxation on this issue has been going on for a long time. Tourism professionals demand clear and straightforward decisions. Tourism revenues make up 8% of the Danish economy. Danish tourism consists mainly of German holidaymakers. Government officials advise a little more patience. 

GREECE: IF SUMMER IS EMPTY, 2 OF 3 HOTELS FAIL. Greece, which is more successful than many countries in the Coronavirus process. The Greeks cannot accept that they suffer much more economically than others. While many countries were unstable at the beg inning of th e process, schools and restaurants were closed in Athens. Stay at home calls were made and many were quarantined. As a result, the lowest incidence and death rate in the EU countries occurred in this country. Despite this, it is stated that if no tourists come this summer, two of every hotel owner will go bankrupt. The government started taking steps to sustain the tourism sector. Issues such as protection of physical distances, testing of hotel employees are priority. It is hoped that tourists will come as of July. Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis said, “If we put every tourist in our country in quarantine. Tourists say that we only see in our dreams. 

CROATIA: WAITING TOURISTS WITH CORONA CERTIFICATE. Croatia has had bad times this year, first with coronavirus and then with an earthquake. However, it is the greatest joy that they are more successful than many other countries. The first case occurred on February 25 in a person from Italy. The Zagreb administration then banned entry and exit despite the objections of neighboring countries. He tightened control and quarantined those returning from travel. To date, 2 thousand 100 cases have been identified in Croatia. This number is 100 times less than Italy on the opposite shore of the Adria coast. The government wants to increase the number of guests and take the lead by spreading this success to tourism. For this, by holding bilateral meetings with neighboring Slovenia and Czechia; It tries to direct the guests coming from these countries to the holiday without quarantine. The doors are fully open for the tourists coming from their countries with the "corona certificate". It is hoped that an agreement will be made with the German government on this matter.  

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: WE WILL SEE YOU WINTER. The average temperature in Dubai in July is 50 degrees. Among the hundreds of skyscrapers, among luxury cars and crowds, Dubai is not a preferred destination for the summer season.In return, the mild climate and even the sea-permeable temperature is the advantage of the United Arab Emirate in the winter period. The best medicine of the dark winter days of Europe is the 25 degree air of Dubai. Starting in July, the Ministry of Tourism plans to allow step-by-step access. Entries and exits have been banned since mid-March. In addition to this, all the shopping malls, schools, mosques, universities were closed with the world-famous Dubai Mall and Emirates Mall. Dubai EXPO, which will be held in October, has been canceled. The annual number of 21 million tourists is now only in statistics. Hopes are up for the next winter.

SPAIN: BEGINS FROM CANARYA ISLANDS. Tourism constitutes the most important sector for Spain and 18% of the national income. That's why hotels, agencies, restaurants, local artisans, management in Madrid. They are constantly alerting them to lift restrictions until early July. The toughest prohibitions in the EU have been imposed in Spain since mid-March. Nobody can leave his area without permission. All hotels are closed. The hotels are planned to be opened slowly within the scope of the measures. The restaurants, pools and crowded places of the hotels will remain closed. If the pandemic decreases significantly until the end of June, it will be possible to open these places and beaches. The Canary Islands, which have fewer cases than Spain, will be the first region of normalization. 

AUSTRIA: GERMAN TOURISTS ARE WAITING. Austria was the country that stepped into the earliest normalization process in Europe. Hotels, lakes, pools and mountain hiking routes open rapidly. It wants to erase the traces of the tourism corona which is vital in Austria with 800 thousand people and 16% income share. Summer is long and hotels will be hard to fill this year. The country government's call to "Take a vacation in your own country" does not cure economic destruction. Because the country is in need of foreign tourism. 100 million of 150 million overnights are carried out by foreign tourists. It provides an important part of this from German tourists.


The lines above were taken from the headlines of Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany's most serious newspapers. It outlines the coronavirus war and the solution suggestions for tourism, which is an important source of income, as of today the most important holiday destination in the world. These countries take about 400 million tourists and tourism is very important for each of them. It seems that most people will have a vacation in their country this summer. However, since neither capacity nor weather conditions will remove this intensity, the route will return abroad in mid-summer. It will be a little more attractive abroad economically. Many countries, which can be understood from the article I translated objectively, have closed themselves for the 2020 summer season. This season has been over looked. Others wanted it very much, but due to the insolubility, they left the job to the flow from lack of creativity. Among these countries when people choose to vacation. Within these countries, especially with their requests and solutions, clearly evident that the clear leading countries is Turkey. Large projects in this field is also large, spacious hotels and beaches also add we are a step forward was more Turkey. Looking at statistics, if 2020 summer is the international tourism season. It seems like this would not be in a country other than Turkey.