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Turkish Airlines Announces Flight Dates of All Countries

Turkish Airlines Announces Flight Dates of All Countries

Turkish Airlines announced on which date there would be a flight to which country. In the first phase, a flight start plan covering 70 countries was created. Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, Culture and Tourism Ministry, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency's list created collaboratively conducted, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be the first country to begin the flight. The first flight to Cyprus is scheduled for June 1.

The first foreign countries to be opened.

According to the plan, on 10 June, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Qatar and Greece will start their flights. When it comes to June 15; Flights to Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Czechia, Switzerland, Japan, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Serbia will start. The Netherlands and Kazakhstan flights are planned to start on June 20, while the date set for the Scandinavian countries and South Korea is foreseen as June 22. China, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Canada and Sweden will start on July 1. Russia, UK, Israel, Lebanon will begin on July 15.
 August 1 has been set for Italy, Spain, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Latest US flights will start
According to the plan, the country where the flights will start the last was the US, which is scheduled to fly on September 1.

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